A Complete Guide to Sell Your Jewelry Online

It is the thing about jewelry; it wears out by time or gets old-fashioned. Sometimes, it can be your marriage jewelry that you want to sell after having a divorce as it doesn’t seem relaxing to your eyes anymore.

Also, if you are an American then it is common to sell your jewelry and heirlooms. The need for utilities can also be the reason that can merely be fulfilled by selling out the jewelry. Well, whatever the reason is, the online world always helps you to sell out.
Let’s talk about the necessary steps to take while selling jewelry online.

#1 Determine the Price of Your Jewelry
It is the most obvious step that every buyer should think of. So, let’s discuss the necessary points to find out the approx pricing.
• Start with examining your jewelry like for brand name, condition, and the price you bought it for.
• Check for any damages or parts that are broken as it helps you evaluate the price.
• Search for a similar piece of jewelry online from the same brand and get a rough idea.
• Visit a local jewelry store and let the jeweler makes the estimations for the price.
#2 Prepare Some Great Shots as the First Impression
Once you have got an idea of what the selling price should be, it is time to prepare your jewelry for the presentation. The first impression is always the photographs, so get ready for it.
• Start with cleaning your jewelry with the advised method and polish it as well. You can also take professional help to get it cleaned.
• Now, prepare a beautiful background that is clear enough and keeps focus on your valuables. Choose dark background such as black or blue as these colors enhance the richness by highlighting the jewelry.
• Every piece should be photographed separately if you have more than one jewelry piece to sell.
• Don’t put a hurry and experiment with the angles and background colors to evaluate which one seems the finest. Gather the best lighting source and eventually take the shots that speak.
Tip: Never go for a messy background and poor lighting as it can ruin the whole photograph and buyers do not show interest in untidiness.

 #3 Stumble upon the Jewelry Website
Once you have all the photographs ready, it is time to put them online. However, you should start by examining the website first. Selling on a fake website can only waste your time and energy. So, be patient and follow the steps to find out the best place to sell your jewelry.
• Start with browsing the website and check for the professionalism and genuine design
• Look for the navigation and color-combination
• Check for the reviews, not just five stars but one, two, and three stars as well and see what they say.
• Next, check for the Contact Us page and see if they have a physical address that exists in reality.
• Try ringing them using the phone numbers and see if they pick up. Have some talk and determine if they know enough about jewelry selling.
The Verdict
You can complete the jewelry selling process in these three steps. Always believe your instincts and accept money via reliable services such as PayPal. Do not accept cheques or money orders to sell your jewelry and have a happy selling.

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